Fruits - Benefits Of Fruits



There are hundreds of types of fruits that are available in the world and carry a very nutritional value to their existence. Health is a vital element of human life and fruits are the snacks that nature has bestowed us with. The deliciousness of fruits cannot be replaced with anything else and they possess a healthy place among the ideal diets of human beings.

Fruits in religions:

Fruits are a vital part of the human diets and reside a strong place among the priorities of human beings. There was once a time when fruits were mentioned in the religious books of human beings. Fruits like pomegranate and grapes are mentioned in the religion of Muslims and have very significant value in their faith. Mango was the favourite food of hanuman and Krishna in the religion of Hindus and Hindus still provide them with a significant value in their lives. Coconuts are the widely spread food in the India because in their everyday prayers and temple visits coconuts are used as the offering to gods. So fruits have possessed a strong position among the history and religion of human beings.

Types of fruit:

There are hundreds of types of fruits available in the world and possess a strong position in the daily diet. Some fruits have their further classifications and are divided into many types. In this article we will go through the different types of fruits.


Apple is the most common fruit that is available in the society. This fruit is considered to be originated in central Asia and is now available in almost all corners of the world. There are so many types of apple ranging from green apple to golden apple that if a human is given a lifetime to taste all the apples the he will simply die before he complete his wild tasting. Apples are considered for their high carbohydrate content and are extremely rich in vitamin C.


Banana is a tropical fruit and with a long body that is usually covered in a yellow skin. It has very sweet taste so it is basically used in desserts and bread options. This fruit requires hot weather to ripe properly but despite that fact it is available in almost every country of the world. Banana is admired among everybody and desserts made with bananas are a delicacy that almost everyone can afford.

Exotic fruits:

There are many fruits that i haven’t eaten yet because they are not available in my country. So for those who believe that they have tasted each one of the fruit, they are wrong because nothing is at its end, people from every country thinks that they have tasted all of the fruits. There are some fruits such as star fruit, passion fruit and grapefruits that aren’t available in the entire world and there is also a fruit with the name of ‘ugly fruit’ and is available in the lands of Jamaica. Such exotic fruits are available in the whole world and are not even tasted by the most of the people. We have limited ourselves to these limits and are not even doing anything about it. There is so much out there for us and not only fruits but literally so much.

Nutritional value:

Fruits have a high nutritional value as they offer a variety of minerals and vitamins to human body that is necessary for the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Vitamin C is the common component of citrus fruits and is going to result in a healthier skin and brain tissues. We should make fruits, a daily part of our lives because instead of eating all the junk food as snacks we must replace it with the healthy habit of eating fruits because only this way we are going to make this body ready in the longer run.


Health is a blessing and not taking care of our health is like mocking god in his face so from now on the promise that we have to make with our selves is that we will treat our bodies like temples and abstain from all the junk food that we prioritize in our everyday regime. We must focus on what is important to us and it is not the junk snacks. We should replace our current junk schedules with healthy fruit snack times and cherish the sweet taste of god without added sugars and fats. It is all natural and a person feels free from the grip of industrialists who tend to drain the pockets of innocent people by making them addicted to the industrially constructed chips and biscuits. What we all need to focus is abstain from this behaviours and eat from the nature of god like our healthy predecessors used to and history stands witness that they have lived longer than the current generation.


Food business in Pakistan

Foods in Pakistan



Business is blooming in Pakistan let it be any business that we see around us but the most common business that Pakistanis are interested in is food industry. Food is necessary for daily lives of human beings and considering the history of Pakistan, food has been considered as the best business to run in this society because Pakistan is a country that is filled with foodies and they love a good meal. Pakistanis are people who are most interested in tasting the exotic flavours from all around the world. Let’s dig right into the food business and let’s see how Pakistanis are doing in it.


China is the closest ally of Pakistan and since partition we have had great ties with the. Even in the cultural exchange programs or let it be the immigration business. When Chinese were welcomed in Pakistan, we also allowed them to bring their culture and norms here, what came with it were their culture of food that Pakistanis started to adore in no time. Recently, we see that how Chinese restaurants are prevailing in the society and the business is run by many Chinese and even Pakistanis who have specialized in preparing Chinese foods.

As Chinese food is prevalent in the society and it is the perfect opportunity for Pakistanis to run business like opening restaurants that offer Chinese foods. The new trend is that most of the restaurants have a section in their menus for Chinese foods.


Fast food has always been loved among the new generation of Pakistan because of the crispy taste that it offers. Despite the fact that it is the leading cause of obesity in children and adults, it is still popularity among the society and businessmen have gained quite a benefit from all that it has to offer. People eat so much fast food because of the exotic flavours that it has to offer and they believe in the fact that they are going to live only once so why not enjoy the life fully as far as it is left to enjoy.

There is a fast food outlet in almost every corner of the Pakistan and numerous outlets have been established in Pakistan. It is a business that pays back perfectly and has a minimum risk of failure. Outlets like MacDonald and kfc have their branches all over the Pakistan and are a leading fast food chain that is prevalent in the society.


Coffee shops:

Who wouldn’t enjoy a good cup of coffee? Pakistanis are in love with the traditional taste of coffee and don’t mind tasting the innovations like cafe latte and cappuccino. Coffee business is thriving in Pakistan and there are many coffee shop chains around the whole Pakistan and here is the list of leading coffee shop chains that are available in Pakistan;

  1. Second cup coffee company
  2. Gloria jeans
  3. Xanders
  4. Ciao
  5. Espresso
  6. Butler’s chocolates cafe

Coffee shop business is the most flourishing business in Pakistan and offers a lot of money and less risk of failure. Pakistani people are drinking coffee now because they are inspired from the movie culture that is also quite rampant in the society. For instance, if we look at the season ‘friends’ where some friends meet at a coffee shop every weekend and discuss what is happening in their lives and Pakistanis are quite inspired from that and now we see coffee shops full of groups of friends who hangout and chat. Coffee shops are also a best spot for couples who are dating and provided a serene atmosphere for them to talk and chat with steaming hot cups of coffee and some nutella brownies.


Food business is the most famous business in Pakistan and people are adopting it due to the same reason because food consummation is prevalent in the social order of Pakistan and it offers many benefits. Moreover as we look around us, we observe that we are surrounded by myriads of food outlets that offers exotic flavours from all around the world. Pakistanis are business oriented people and are always looking for opportunities to run a smooth business that offers less risk of failure in the longer run. Food quality can also become a barrier so these people make sure that they are serving the high quality food to their customers. Chefs are available who have specialized in the cuisine of many countries and are on high demand by these restaurant owners. Chef is a great career to adopt as it offers a lot of money plus it is an artistic job that a person can adopt as a profession which offers fun, money and fame. Food business is thriving in Pakistan and if you are a person who is looking for some inspiration to start a business in the food industry then he must consider the aforementioned business ideas.






Diet Plans- Loss Your Weight

Diet plans



Health is very dear to us human beings because without them we won’t be able to function properly. This quality of human beings to take care of himself has been proven very beneficial for him as it has saved him from many diseases throughout the history. Diet plans were constructed in orders to meet the goals of a human body. Some like it muscular and some want a slim figure to rock a dress at some party. Humans are social animals and to reside within the society, they have developed different ideal notions in their minds to become popular in the eyes of human beings.

For instance, a girl who is a bit healthy will think that society is not going to accept her with this healthy body and I must need to lose weight. There is a boy who is too skinny and is not able to fit in the social circle around him and is not quite an attraction in comparison to the muscular dude of the group. So diet plans were constructed by different paediatricians and dieticians to help humans meet their body goals. It doesn’t stop here, gyms and many yoga instructors have their own diet plan in order to keep their customers fit and vigorous and also loot their pockets of all the money. Many diet plans are available in the market and now in this article we are going to go through these diet plans in order to do a thorough study of what is this fuss all about.

Protein diet:

This type of diet includes those people who are skinny and going to gym to maintain a healthy and muscular structure along some workout on the daily basis. Protein is an essential component of the human diet and humans regularly take it in their diets. Protein diet means that he will cut all the carbs from his diet and will mainly focus on the protein intake. Our muscles are made up of long chains of amino acids and when we workout, our muscle fibbers are broken. So in order to keep the muscles from permanent injury, a high amount of protein is consumed within the body to help recover those muscles.

Carb diet:

Research says that we all have different type of bodies and it doesn’t matter if we are eating as lots of protein because it depend that to what nutrient our body mostly reacts to. Carb diets are taken by very skinny people who are in dire need to gain some mass on their bodies. Being skinny is very common among the teens that are looking to gain some weight in order to look healthy among their friends and social circle. Carb diet offers a lot of nutrients that help these folks gain some weight to make their bodies look healthy and attractive.

Crash diet:

Crash diets are the fastest mean to lose the extra weight that a person has gained recently. These types of diet are effective at a high range but are also very dangerous. The process of these diets include cutting all the nutrients at once and only eating very little to maintain the metabolism with a vigorous workout. This immediately helps to lose weight and lets u look slimmer but to the unknown fact that this disturbs the whole metabolism of the body and as soon as you will quit the diet, the weight is going to come back and this time it won’t go back this easily as our bodies have defence mechanism to resist the same thing again in the future.

Vegan diet:

Vegan diet is a very famous type of diet when it comes to the weight loss process. It includes the process of cutting short all the meat and poultry including eggs from the diet and only consuming vegetables and fruits in order to survive. This is really helpful because vegetables contain all the nutrients that are necessary for the survival of human beings. Plus it has no fat and carbs and it only helps them regulate their blood pressure, body fat and cardiovascular problems.


Staying healthy is most important in the life and many people choose to adopt different diet plans in order to maintain a healthy living standards. The real question that arises here is what to chose when it comes to the diet plans and how to know which one is best for the particular body type? The answer is to consult your doctor, dietician or a paediatrician to get your body check and get another opinion on which type of diet plan to adopts otherwise you are only going to ruin your body. Respect your body because a person has to stay in it. We clean our houses and maintain them to look good so same is the case with our bodies. Let’s treat our bodies like temples.






As we all know that how important milk is for the development of human body since child hood and how it assists in the growth of human bones. In the history milk has been an important element in the lives of people. Alexander the great, before he started being a drunkard, many historians say that he was very fond of drinking milk. Children from their early ages require fresh milk for their perfect growth and how children only drink milk till they are almost one year old. It’s because milk serves its purpose as the key element to provide nutrients like calcium and potassium that is important for the healthy bones and teeth. Milk and dairy like cheese, paneer, and butter are a part of everyday diet and are considered as chief element in the diets of human beings to maintain a healthy body and a healthy standard of living. In this article, we will go through the nutritional value of milk and how it is important for the human body and what happens when a person don’t drink milk.

Vitamins and minerals:

Milk has a high nutritional value in the daily diet of human beings. It provides minerals such as calcium, magnesium and vitamins like phosphorus vitamin A and D that are basic factor involved in the bones and teeth development in children. That is the reason why milk is considered compulsory to be included in the diet of children as they undergo the development and growth stage. These minerals and vitamins help the person’s body to fight diseases on everyday basis and ensure healthy bones and teeth in the longer run. Diseases such as weak bones and teeth decay can be avoided if a person drinks a glass of milk everyday at night. Best time to drink milk is at night and worse time is to drink in the day because scientists say so, they know better.

Protein source:

A glass of milk everyday provides a person with 8 grams of protein everyday and fulfils the need for protein as for the vegetarians; it is great news because they cannot eat chicken or meat to fulfil their nutritional needs. Milk acts as a weapon against all the diseases and helps in muscular development and growth. It also ensures healthy hair growth. Body suffers from a number of diseases in the course of life and drinking milk everyday can regulate the healthy white blood cells to fight all these diseases

Source of energy:

If a person didn’t have breakfast in the morning which is a key element to ensure a healthy body, so he is advised to drink a glass of milk instead. Lactose is present in the milk which provides the body with energy enough to fight through the day. Some people are lactose intolerant and cannot drink milk or anything that is named as dairy. Bad luck is a destiny for these people, pun intended, because they won’t be able to enjoy the blessing of nature that it has bestowed upon humans in order to maintain a healthy body and a healthy living standard.

Healthy fats:

Milk contains healthy fats that are essential for a human body to function properly. There are people in the world who say that obesity is the reason of hundreds of death in the world every year but these are the healthy fats that the body requires in order to function properly. Drinking one or two glasses everyday is not bad for health because these are not harmful fats that are going to harm the body but only healthy ones, but it is advised not to consume too much milk as it can disturb the metabolism due to its nutritional value.

Consequences of avoiding milk:

Not drinking milk can lead to several health hazards because milk provides all the significant vitamins and minerals to the body that it requires functioning perfectly. First of all, it can affect the growth of bones and teeth and can lead to diseases such as teeth decay. Moreover, it can weaken the immune system of humans and make human body more prone to attacks from the germs and disease that are in our surroundings. If children do not have their regular dose of milk then it can impair its growth and development process and can scar him forever with the diseases like weak bones and teeth. Additionally, his immune system will eventually grow weak and he will be prone to many diseases while his classmates and fellows will be playing in the playground healthily.


Consuming milk is very important on daily basis as aforementioned that it aids in the proper growth and development of human body. Children must be given milk at least twice a day so that the lactose can ensure that they are healthy, energetic and the vitamins make sure that their body functions properly. Milk is very important ladies and gentlemen, so don’t try to become a foolish quack and doom the health of your body for eternity.


Chinese - Food in Pakistan

Chinese Food in Pakistan



People of Pakistan have an ability to accept the delicacies from all around the world and this has led them to hold the record of the most foods available in the country from all around the world. you can get the food of China, Japan, Thailand etc, almost all foods that don’t involve pork is available in the Pakistan. China is neighbour of Pakistan and a close ally which has helped Pakistan in almost every international crisis. Chinese food is totally loved in Pakistan and there are hundreds of Chinese restaurants ran by Chinese in Pakistan.

Cultural exchange programs are offered in Pakistan and china and many people from china go to the Pakistan to study and many people have even shifted in Pakistan to run a good business and also study with it. Today we see so many restaurants are available even in the capital where Chinese food is offered. People enjoy Chinese food because it is less in the spice quantity and offers a healthy and savoury taste to the mouths of people.

In this article we are going to discuss that what value is possessed by the Chinese foods within the hearts of people and how they love Chinese dishes and give them an important place in their daily routine in the social order. Here is the list of some foods that is loved among the people of Pakistan.



This is a dish that is most common in the chilly winter of December and January. People love occasional hot cups of soup that warm their bodies. Soups are adored by both children and adults in Pakistan because it is very light on the stomach and provides with good nutritional value. Mostly in Pakistan, when people are sick or suffering from some ailment and solid food is not suitable for their metabolism then they are given soups that are very light on metabolism and also fulfil the nutritional demands of the human body. These soups are also admired for their taste. These are the types of soup that are available in Pakistan and are offered by many Chinese restaurants;

  1. Fish soup
  2. Vegetable soup
  3. Hot and sour soup
  4. Noodle soup
  5. Chicken corn soup


Here comes a dish that is plain and offers a saltiest flavour to the taste buds of people. This dish is the most common dish eaten in the china but now the culture has been transferred to Pakistan. We can see many Pakistani restaurants offering these noodles. Children are in love with these noodles and for them industrialist companies like Knorr and Maggi have prepared noodles in a packet that only take 2 minutes to cook and are very loved among children. The types of noodles that Chinese restaurants offer are;

  1. Hakka Noodles
  2. Chicken Cheese Noodles
  3. Chicken Chowmein



Don’t go to a Chinese restaurant if they are not offering Manchurian because it is the most basic Chinese food that must be included in the list otherwise the particular restaurant is not authentic and might not offer the desired flavour. The desi version of Manchurian was that we love and see these days everywhere in Pakistan was actually invented by a Chinese in Calcutta who was trying to forge Chinese food as per the need of the people of India. Soon it gained fame and now we can see that how it is available in almost all the corners of India and Pakistan.

Fried rice:

When it comes to rice, Pakistanis’ mouths are already dripping with water because this is the only thing that is loved mostly in Pakistan. People love rice and that’s why Karachi has myriads of types of biryani to offer to its people from spicy to steaming hot. Fried rice is a delicacy from china but now possess a strong position among the menus of Pakistani restaurants. This dish is prepared by frying rice along some vegetables or chicken and is offered to the customers. People love these dishes and adore how they are served with rice that is less in spice and still offers a delicious flavour to the mouths of people.


If a person is looking for some good Chinese food and don’t want to waste his money then he must look for the aforementioned foods in the menu and must have a taste before ordering the whole meal because not everyone loves Chinese due to the less use of spice and it is mostly loved by people who adore simple and plain food. there are other foods available such as chowmein which is quite spicy if requested to the chef and can offer a great taste to the mouth buds if prepared properly. Chinese food is a great food that can provide great taste if consumed occasionally or with familes.