Food - Eat And Sleep



Food is the basic need of a human being after clothes and a roof on the head. Humans tend to rely on the food because it provides them with the energy and nutrients that are vital to perform everyday functions. Humans are striving everyday to race others in order to attain bread and butter for their families and that is the food. When human was not fallen from the heaven due to his deed, he was offered a wealth of food and attire by the god but as soon as he started acting on the behalf of the devil, he was casted out of the heaven and was sent on the earth to regret for his sins.

The first food that human grew on the earth was wheat and with it he made bread to stock up his hunger. Before that he never had experienced hunger and was not aware of the gluttonous effects that came with it. Humans were adopted to live with the dire need of food and soon it evolved it to be a sun around which planets of human existence revolved around. It was considered as the chief element for the existence of human beings. In this article we will discover the food and all the fields that are related to it.

Why health is necessary:

Health is the conditioning of human beings and well being of human guarantees that he is fit for the work but there comes certain occasions when humans are not feeling well and soon discover that they are even unable to perform even the basic functions of life. For instance, take a person who has developed allergies and is scratching his body again and again. Then how he would be able to perform the dainty tasks such as prepare for an exam or bring food from the market. Health is a significant part of a human’s life and without this he won’t be able to function properly in the hue of his daily burdensome social obligations.

Food is necessary for health:

When the question of health is put forward then two things come up that are prevalent in the society. One is exercise and the second and most important is food. We come across many people who complain a lot about their health issues and tell us how they are unable to overcome this particular issue. The dire need for maintenance of proper health is related to the food that we consume on daily basis and in this section of the article I am going to tell you how food is necessary for health. We need 2000 calories everyday as balanced nutrition for performing trivial functions of life such as walking, jumping, talking and doing other regular chores. But that’s the minimum requirement of the body. More we give to the body is how our body stores energy in the muscles. The real argument is that is all food healthy. No, absolutely not, because we need healthy food in from of proteins, carbs, and vitamins in sequence to maintain a healthy body for the performance of everyday tasks.

Healthy Food:

Healthy food is vital for the proper functioning of body. Aforementioned facts tell us that 2000 and more calories are required for the proper functioning of a human being but calories in which form we are consuming is what matters a lot. If we are eating too much bad calories then it will be the cause of adverse effects on the health and eventually a person will fall ill making him unable to do further tasks that he was assigned to do.

Vegetables and lean protein sources, such as meat and chicken are considered as the healthy food. Moreover, fruits act as a healthy source of vitamins for a proper functioning and maintenance of the human body but these days humans are more inclined towards junk food that is delicious to taste buds but is a poison to the well maintained health of human beings.

Junk Food:

When humans achieved a status as superiors in the world and came up to a point where he had nothing more to do then he started experimenting with everything. More ease was the goal of a human. He started looking for newness is everything that surrounded him and very soon he came up with idea of altering food as well. A day came when humans introduced innovations in the food industry as well so entrepreneurs sought this as an opportunity to bloom the business as well. Food outlets were opened all around the world and humans were made aware of this luxury as well. But humans deemed it so delicious that they forgot how their bodies require proper nutrition and started living on the quote that said ‘you only live once’. Junk food is all the oily burgers and fries and pizzas that is not very good for the bodies of humans and might introduce them to various diseases like obesity that may result in their deaths.

We are what we eat:

The title holds a very mystic philosophy that at some time might have said by some philosopher who was eating a fruit from some branch of the tree. We have a lot of speculations to make about who must have said this but the deep meaning of this quotation requires our attention that we actually become what we eat. If a person chooses to eat healthy then he'll remain healthy for the rest of his life and won’t face any unrequited diseases that will hinder his work in the future.

On the contrary there is a person who eats unhealthy food like junk food and then dreams of having six pack abs and a ripped fitness but that will remain a dream for him because we are what we eat. Soon he’ll start to realize that all the unhealthy food he has consumed throughout his life is now making him ill and unable to work. A comes the moment of regret, a ghost of regret that follows him till the opening of the grave. So if you are eating unhealthy and dream of a healthy body then bear this quotation in mind that we are what we eat.

Where food comes from:

Mostly we never realize that the food that humans consume is coming from where. This question was asked by a little child that if god feed us then why waiter is bringing it. Silly as it seems, but not absurd, we never in our life realize that where our food is coming from and this leads us to the poor choice of food and how it affects the human bodies. Then we get into the chaos of organic and inorganic food because there are people who know their food and choose to eat healthy a well. Such organic food is home grown and provides a person with the exact promised nutrition than the inorganic food prepared in the industries. Organic food is grown in the natural environment without surplus chemicals and toxins to accelerate the growth rate. On the contrary, inorganic food is the type of food that is grown i industrial farms or industries and most of its components are not natural but industrially prepared for mass production in order to feed and earn many.

Adverse effects of food:

As we move forward with our lives, we realize that certain foods have adverse effects on our bodies and this makes us think that how something like that can hurt our bodies. A thing that is only purposed to nourish and heal our bodies is actually causing it damage too. Then arises the famous quotation of some saint that, ‘excess of everything is poison’. After this mind blowing fact told, humans are expected to live and eat carefully but humans are unpredictable like forever because even knowing the fact, they still choose to eat unhealthy and become gluttonous even it is told in almost every faith that gluttony is a sin. Too much eating can alter the metabolism of a human being and can make him face to face with the diseases such as food poisoning and nausea. Drinking alcoholic drinks and beverages can lead to cardiovascular ailments and liver cancer. These are the luxuries that are envied by the poor but they are unaware that how they are actually being saved from all the evils that food has to offer.

Food outlets:

Everyone is participating in the race against time to become a millionaire through business and life a live like elon musk but unaware of the fact that this doesn’t start in a day and like coca cola only sold 25 bottles in the first five years, same can happen to you over the course of ten years. We see around us that thousands of food outlets are available in our surroundings but the vital fact known as quality is nowhere to be seen. Kfc and McDonalds’ outlets are available in almost every corner but all we are offered is junk food and their sloppy ideas of business. In the race to become famous like aforementioned outlets, people deploy all their money and resources to open food businesses because this is the most basic need of the society so taking advantage of this idea, people tend to open food outlets and produce nothing but poor quality junk food that is a major reason for obesity in children and adults.



A balanced nutrition is very significant to provide benefits in the longer run. Nowadays many issues are faced by the people such as child obesity and poor health conditions in adults. All of this is due to the fact that body requires optimum nutrition but we are feeding ourselves totally opposite of that. A balanced nutrition can ensure a healthy life in the future that is free from all the burdensome ailments that can make a person’s life miserable and pitiful. A balanced nutrition involves eating your vegetables that provides a person with enough minerals and vitamins, eat your carbs like bread and proteins like chicken and beef, which ensures a quality living. Bad calories involve burgers and pizzas made in the poor quality oil and deep fried chips that we all love are the major reason behind all these hazardous factors. We never know when we this food is coming back for payback, maybe it can do food poisoning in the following hour or might damage your body without a person’s realization and in the future it can reveal to be life threatening.


A good entrepreneur can trace all the chief factors that reside within a society. Every society has distinctive priorities and due to that the chances of blooming a business idea can be successful and might end in the trash can. So if we talk about Pakistan then this land is considered to be filled with people who love food. Food is the identity of Pakistan and wherever a person will go, he will find that each part of this country has its own tradition for cooking food. Spice is adored at places like Karachi and Lahore but in Peshawar, a karrahi made in just salt and pepper is all that it takes for people to fill up the container of their hopes as well as bellies. So a good business can bloom in this society and all it would take for a person is to trace the key element that resides within the society and which type of food can become the next trendy item, and he just needs to open a business that serves the delicacy of that specific food. The business will bloom in no days.


Food is the most important part of the life of humans so we must be cautious in making the right choices as it can make you or ruin you because as aforementioned, we are what we eat, and if we are not going to eat well then we will only end up losing ourselves to all the ailments that can cripple the life away of a well off healthy person.