Junk Foods - This Is Your Body On Fast Foods

Junk foods:


Junk food is anything that can result in the hindrance of the human body in the longer run. Our body should be our temples and are expected to be taken care of accordingly, but as we see around us these temples are being ruined and devastated by none other than ourselves and we find it as a luxury. Many a times we see selfies of people uploaded on the snap chat that a friend of ours is at Kfc with his other friend but we fail to realize that this is completely ironical because that particular individual is being happy for his own ruin. You only live once is right to mention but crippling this one time life can be like kicking the opportunity in the gut. Junk food as clear by the name is junk and can have possible adverse effects on the body. A human tends to live happily but loses his dire need of being healthy to the delicious junk food that is available in the market.

Why it is delicious:

Junk food is very difficult to get rid of because the traditional taste of raw vegetables and fruits wasn’t enough for humans so when innovations stared to kick in and the whole world was busy in reintroducing the whole concept of life then one of the fools brought up the idea like, ‘hey why don’t we bring innovations in food as well. Lets produce the food that can be mass produced in the society and would be enough to feed millions and lets screw the quality because that’s not necessary only money matters that’s going to roll in our bank accounts. The food in industrially prepared and is constructed matching the exact delicacies of human taste buds. Then came the time when millions of outlets of junk food were available in the markets. In the beginning same foods were consumed only as treats on birthday and festivals but as humans deemed the importance of a luxury, he managed to utilize the same treat on daily basis.

When this treat became common in the lives of humans and they started having pizza for dinner everyday then issues arose such as obesity and health conditions in adults. It is considered delicious by our brains because certain chemicals and components of the food are engineered in such a way to satisfy the requirements of the human taste buds. Many people made a business out of it. Research revealed recently that major cause of child obesity in United States is all due to the fact that we are surrounded by more junk food outlets and less healthy food outlets. So when a person will get a salad for 10 dollars and a burger and fries for 5 dollars then obviously he will be deciding to buy the burger and fries because it is less a toll on the pocket and more delicious than a green salad.

Adverse effects of junk food:

Studies revealed, as aforementioned, that the key reason for the child obesity in the United States is the frequent availability of junk food in the society. These industrialists have made sure that healthy food is organically made and deemed more expensive than widely available junk food so for a person who is looking for a meal would definitely go for something that is lower in price plus offers deliciousness as well. Less we realize that these cheap things are very cost friendly but are causing damage to the bodies of human. There was a time when humans were fit and technology hadn’t made life so easy because life is made easy but ironically it had made humans miserable as well. Organic food is more expensive and junk food is a leading cause of ailments like liver problems, cardiovascular diseases, lungs ailments and obesity in children and adults.


Yes, we only live once and can be deemed important in the life of humans but it is exactly that we need to hear. We should visit a lot of places and enjoy with our loved ones rather we are choosing to live miserably in the hospitals lying on white sheets waiting for this anguish to end. This will happen only in one way that we stop eating all the junk food that is available in our society and should consider eating healthy because we are what we eat and if we are not eating right then its only going to lead in one direction and trust your instincts because that direction only leads to an open grave where you will lie suffering for eternity that if you had eaten healthy then this wouldn’t have fallen into your lap.

Junk food is delicious and no doubt it is an amazing experience to watch that bucket of chicken wings coming towards you followed by a bucket of fries and a delicious zinger burger. My mouth watered as I am even naming these foods because we have associated them with the feeling of luxury and trust me that am so not what it is. It can be delicious and lovely but all it is going to do is limit your health conditions and replace them with all the ailments that happen in the elder age. Now we see that children are facing issues like child obesity and poor health conditions.


In conclusion all a person is expected to do is limit him within the boundaries of healthy food and dare not to cross all those limits because as far as health is concerned, it does not come back once it’s too late. There are millionaires in the world who possess a lot of cash and assets but the only natural assets that they cannot buy with all the money are health. Health is a natural luxury that is given to you so doesn’t ruin it for the temporary joy of junk food because in the longer run it is only going to ruin the health that a person already possesses. You only live once so live like a healthy horse and never let any junk food touch your mouth again.


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