Indian Foods

Indian Food:



Foodies are everywhere and these are the people who are open to taste the exotic flavours from all over the world. These people cherish and enjoy the exotic flavours that the world has to offer, and they are always interested in getting to know the culture of new people and to taste the flavours that their food culture is willing to offer. India is a country where people are foodies and enjoy a good meal from time to time. India is filled with restaurants and chefs who offer their customers with a variety of flavours to enjoy on almost daily basis.

Indian people have this peculiar ability to love their surroundings and it doesn’t matter if they are sitting at a roadside food vendor or at some five star luxurious hotel, they only need good food. if they find out that a good brain masala is available from a person who is selling from the corner stall under a tree and at the same time some good restaurant is offering a less delicious brain masala inside a luxurious environment then that particular person will definitely sit beside that street vendor and eat his brain masala with his bare hands while sitting on ground because all he cares about is that his taste buds are served with great food.

The reason that there are lots of restaurants and food street vendors is that Indian people love food and there food is famous among all the people in the world. Indian foods are especially a celebrity among the restaurants in the west because those people love occasional taste of Indian spices.

Restaurants in Europe:

Indians are found everywhere. When Armstrong landed on the moon he found an Indian there as well selling butter chicken, pun intended. Indians are found in all corners of the Europe and this is the reason that there are that many hotels and restaurants ran by Indians there too. Indian people had made the westerners addicted by all the flavours that they have to offer and they love all the Indians and Pakistani restaurants that are there. The reason is that the Indians are very humble people who give a huge respect to their customers with a great additional service so the people of Europe are really impressed by the respect that is given to them by these restaurants.

Moreover, as there are so many Indians in the west so the demand for Indian food is more there as Indian people and Muslims don’t eat pork in their meals because they consider it to be unholy. Indian people are always looking for Indian food in the Europe and demand for these restaurants is quite high.

Tikka masala:

Tikka masala is the most famous dish of Indians and possess a significant value among the whole world.

Tikka masala is served with chicken tikka cooked in thick tomato and yogurt gravy which offers a great smoky flavour. The smoky flavour is the signature of the tikka masala and offers a great appeal to the mouth of the customers. Chicken is marinated overnight in the spices and herbs and then is cooked on coals that add a smoky flavour to it. It is then cooked in thick tomato and yogurt gravy and is served to the customers who love it with naan and rice.

Tandoori chicken:

This type of delicious smoked chicken is available in all parts of the world and is very famous due to its taste even among the westerners. Tandoori masala is a bit difficult to make due to the fact that it has to be perfect in order to make a delicious tandoori chicken. People order it with lentils or rice and enjoy it occasionally with their families as it is a treat to mouth and taste buds.

Butter chicken:

This special dish is available in almost all the corners of the world. There are many types of butter chicken available in the India. Mumbai’s butter chicken and Delhi’s butter chicken is the most famous types of the butter chicken in India and is loved in the whole country among other parts of the world.


This dish is not available in the many restaurants in the west and only high quality or five star Indian restaurants have it in their menus. It is actually a chickpea curry that is served with bhatooray. The reason for this is that the chefs use canned peas and it doesn’t offer exact taste as it is offered by the dry peas that are soaked overnight in water to be prepared in the morning. It is a very spicy dish that is usually served with poori and it’s a very delicious to taste.


If you ever decide to taste Indian cuisine then these are the flavours that you should really look forward to in order to taste the real food that Indians are so proud of.



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