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Healthy-Foods-Healthy-Life Overview:

Health is the most necessary part of the human existence and we start compromising the chief factor of our existence then it is definitely not going to end well. Food is considered as the basic dire need of human beings but as we move forward in life we realize that there are many types of foods that are available in the society. This credit goes to the technology and a never ending cycle of innovation.

We have come far from the world war and slavery but still everyday is a fight against others to win the race of earning and living better than our neighbours. Every day is another submission to the burger kings and MacDonald’s because they offer a onetime salvation to our taste buds. But no more because in this article I am going to elaborate that why healthy food like vegetables, fruits and proteins can result in healthy calories and aid a person to flourish in the longer run. This is not considered to be a sermon because living longer and healthy is the desire of every other person but we are doing nothing about it and this will eventually lead us to the mouth of death in no time. We must consume healthy food in order to maintain a healthy life style that is going to help us in the longer run.

What is healthy food?

Healthy food includes all the food items that doesn’t have any adverse effect on the bodies of human and offers optimum nutrition that human body demands in order to function properly. Nowadays food is mass produced to meet the requirement of the world but what we fail to resolve is that such food can be perceived as lower in quality and can have harmful effects on the bodies of human. When we look at the monks of China and darwesh of India along the Sufis of Iran, we come to a realization that why they tend to age longer. Why women in china are able to live longer and they even don’t have the signs of aging? There was a picture of three generations of women but looked exactly no younger or elder than each other. When asked for the reason, grandmother explained that she never had unhealthy food in her life and this has eventually led to the longer age of her body.

Healthy foods include vegetables, fruits and healthy source of proteins such as lean chicken, beef, salmon and eggs. Leafy vegetables and fruits are the major source of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the proper functioning of human beings. These foods are necessary and natural for the human body rather than all the food that is industrially prepared in order to meet the needs of million but they forget to match the quality as well. There was once a time when people remained fit because they didn’t have innovative junk food to serve their appetites. They depended wholly upon healthy food and time stands witness that they lived longer than what our current life span is.

Vegetables and fruits:

Vegetables and fruits are a healthy source of minerals and vegetables that is available in the market. Organically grown vegetables are healthier but cannot be cost friendly because luxury has its price. Industrialists have manage to alter the thinking of all the folks that delicious food is cheap so the prices of healthy vegetables and fruits were high in order to bring more attention and appetite towards junk food. The major obstacle in the path of eating healthy is that vegetables are available in raw form and cooking them three times a day can be a difficult for a professional person. So the other option is provided by these outlets that they will be immediately served delicious food in a matter of seconds.

Fruits on the other hand are also a healthy source of minerals and vitamins and can be utilized to maintain the proper health conditions. Fruits such as berries, avocados, apple, oranges, etc are very good for eyes skin and hair growth. These can be utilized as a snack in daytime to maximize the body performance for the execution of everyday tasks.

Avoiding junk food is healthy:

When a person is in the pursuit of living healthy then he is obliged to avoid all the junk food that is available in his surroundings and in doing so he must focus on his own diet plans to reach the levels of fitness in the future. Staying away from all the junk food is also being healthy. There comes a time when a person cannot find some healthy meal and the only option available to him is consuming junk food. Being healthy demands that junk food to be rejected and merely consuming healthy snacks such as a glass of milk or fruits to get through because staying fit is not an option, it is a life style and let’s not make our lifestyles miserable in front of the whole world. In the longer run a person will tend to appreciate his earlier efforts that he did in order to remain healthy. In the near future when all the fitness will pay back, he will realize that how his friends have aged more than their actual ages and how he himself looks 5 years younger and robust than his actual age.


the payback is always left with a feeling of a satisfaction so let’s not ruin our tomorrow for temporary pleasure of today because how much we deny that health is not an issue to put much effort in, we are going to realize that how wrong e were in the longer run while we will be lying in our hospital beds and waiting for death to end the anguish and pain. So to avoid the future mishaps and live fully with your loved ones, a person must tend to focus on what is necessary for a healthy body and how he must focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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