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There are hundreds of types of fruits that are available in the world and carry a very nutritional value to their existence. Health is a vital element of human life and fruits are the snacks that nature has bestowed us with. The deliciousness of fruits cannot be replaced with anything else and they possess a healthy place among the ideal diets of human beings.

Fruits in religions:

Fruits are a vital part of the human diets and reside a strong place among the priorities of human beings. There was once a time when fruits were mentioned in the religious books of human beings. Fruits like pomegranate and grapes are mentioned in the religion of Muslims and have very significant value in their faith. Mango was the favourite food of hanuman and Krishna in the religion of Hindus and Hindus still provide them with a significant value in their lives. Coconuts are the widely spread food in the India because in their everyday prayers and temple visits coconuts are used as the offering to gods. So fruits have possessed a strong position among the history and religion of human beings.

Types of fruit:

There are hundreds of types of fruits available in the world and possess a strong position in the daily diet. Some fruits have their further classifications and are divided into many types. In this article we will go through the different types of fruits.


Apple is the most common fruit that is available in the society. This fruit is considered to be originated in central Asia and is now available in almost all corners of the world. There are so many types of apple ranging from green apple to golden apple that if a human is given a lifetime to taste all the apples the he will simply die before he complete his wild tasting. Apples are considered for their high carbohydrate content and are extremely rich in vitamin C.


Banana is a tropical fruit and with a long body that is usually covered in a yellow skin. It has very sweet taste so it is basically used in desserts and bread options. This fruit requires hot weather to ripe properly but despite that fact it is available in almost every country of the world. Banana is admired among everybody and desserts made with bananas are a delicacy that almost everyone can afford.

Exotic fruits:

There are many fruits that i haven’t eaten yet because they are not available in my country. So for those who believe that they have tasted each one of the fruit, they are wrong because nothing is at its end, people from every country thinks that they have tasted all of the fruits. There are some fruits such as star fruit, passion fruit and grapefruits that aren’t available in the entire world and there is also a fruit with the name of ‘ugly fruit’ and is available in the lands of Jamaica. Such exotic fruits are available in the whole world and are not even tasted by the most of the people. We have limited ourselves to these limits and are not even doing anything about it. There is so much out there for us and not only fruits but literally so much.

Nutritional value:

Fruits have a high nutritional value as they offer a variety of minerals and vitamins to human body that is necessary for the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Vitamin C is the common component of citrus fruits and is going to result in a healthier skin and brain tissues. We should make fruits, a daily part of our lives because instead of eating all the junk food as snacks we must replace it with the healthy habit of eating fruits because only this way we are going to make this body ready in the longer run.


Health is a blessing and not taking care of our health is like mocking god in his face so from now on the promise that we have to make with our selves is that we will treat our bodies like temples and abstain from all the junk food that we prioritize in our everyday regime. We must focus on what is important to us and it is not the junk snacks. We should replace our current junk schedules with healthy fruit snack times and cherish the sweet taste of god without added sugars and fats. It is all natural and a person feels free from the grip of industrialists who tend to drain the pockets of innocent people by making them addicted to the industrially constructed chips and biscuits. What we all need to focus is abstain from this behaviours and eat from the nature of god like our healthy predecessors used to and history stands witness that they have lived longer than the current generation.

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