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Diet plans



Health is very dear to us human beings because without them we won’t be able to function properly. This quality of human beings to take care of himself has been proven very beneficial for him as it has saved him from many diseases throughout the history. Diet plans were constructed in orders to meet the goals of a human body. Some like it muscular and some want a slim figure to rock a dress at some party. Humans are social animals and to reside within the society, they have developed different ideal notions in their minds to become popular in the eyes of human beings.

For instance, a girl who is a bit healthy will think that society is not going to accept her with this healthy body and I must need to lose weight. There is a boy who is too skinny and is not able to fit in the social circle around him and is not quite an attraction in comparison to the muscular dude of the group. So diet plans were constructed by different paediatricians and dieticians to help humans meet their body goals. It doesn’t stop here, gyms and many yoga instructors have their own diet plan in order to keep their customers fit and vigorous and also loot their pockets of all the money. Many diet plans are available in the market and now in this article we are going to go through these diet plans in order to do a thorough study of what is this fuss all about.

Protein diet:

This type of diet includes those people who are skinny and going to gym to maintain a healthy and muscular structure along some workout on the daily basis. Protein is an essential component of the human diet and humans regularly take it in their diets. Protein diet means that he will cut all the carbs from his diet and will mainly focus on the protein intake. Our muscles are made up of long chains of amino acids and when we workout, our muscle fibbers are broken. So in order to keep the muscles from permanent injury, a high amount of protein is consumed within the body to help recover those muscles.

Carb diet:

Research says that we all have different type of bodies and it doesn’t matter if we are eating as lots of protein because it depend that to what nutrient our body mostly reacts to. Carb diets are taken by very skinny people who are in dire need to gain some mass on their bodies. Being skinny is very common among the teens that are looking to gain some weight in order to look healthy among their friends and social circle. Carb diet offers a lot of nutrients that help these folks gain some weight to make their bodies look healthy and attractive.

Crash diet:

Crash diets are the fastest mean to lose the extra weight that a person has gained recently. These types of diet are effective at a high range but are also very dangerous. The process of these diets include cutting all the nutrients at once and only eating very little to maintain the metabolism with a vigorous workout. This immediately helps to lose weight and lets u look slimmer but to the unknown fact that this disturbs the whole metabolism of the body and as soon as you will quit the diet, the weight is going to come back and this time it won’t go back this easily as our bodies have defence mechanism to resist the same thing again in the future.

Vegan diet:

Vegan diet is a very famous type of diet when it comes to the weight loss process. It includes the process of cutting short all the meat and poultry including eggs from the diet and only consuming vegetables and fruits in order to survive. This is really helpful because vegetables contain all the nutrients that are necessary for the survival of human beings. Plus it has no fat and carbs and it only helps them regulate their blood pressure, body fat and cardiovascular problems.


Staying healthy is most important in the life and many people choose to adopt different diet plans in order to maintain a healthy living standards. The real question that arises here is what to chose when it comes to the diet plans and how to know which one is best for the particular body type? The answer is to consult your doctor, dietician or a paediatrician to get your body check and get another opinion on which type of diet plan to adopts otherwise you are only going to ruin your body. Respect your body because a person has to stay in it. We clean our houses and maintain them to look good so same is the case with our bodies. Let’s treat our bodies like temples.

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