As we all know that how important milk is for the development of human body since child hood and how it assists in the growth of human bones. In the history milk has been an important element in the lives of people. Alexander the great, before he started being a drunkard, many historians say that he was very fond of drinking milk. Children from their early ages require fresh milk for their perfect growth and how children only drink milk till they are almost one year old. It’s because milk serves its purpose as the key element to provide nutrients like calcium and potassium that is important for the healthy bones and teeth. Milk and dairy like cheese, paneer, and butter are a part of everyday diet and are considered as chief element in the diets of human beings to maintain a healthy body and a healthy standard of living. In this article, we will go through the nutritional value of milk and how it is important for the human body and what happens when a person don’t drink milk.

Vitamins and minerals:

Milk has a high nutritional value in the daily diet of human beings. It provides minerals such as calcium, magnesium and vitamins like phosphorus vitamin A and D that are basic factor involved in the bones and teeth development in children. That is the reason why milk is considered compulsory to be included in the diet of children as they undergo the development and growth stage. These minerals and vitamins help the person’s body to fight diseases on everyday basis and ensure healthy bones and teeth in the longer run. Diseases such as weak bones and teeth decay can be avoided if a person drinks a glass of milk everyday at night. Best time to drink milk is at night and worse time is to drink in the day because scientists say so, they know better.

Protein source:

A glass of milk everyday provides a person with 8 grams of protein everyday and fulfils the need for protein as for the vegetarians; it is great news because they cannot eat chicken or meat to fulfil their nutritional needs. Milk acts as a weapon against all the diseases and helps in muscular development and growth. It also ensures healthy hair growth. Body suffers from a number of diseases in the course of life and drinking milk everyday can regulate the healthy white blood cells to fight all these diseases

Source of energy:

If a person didn’t have breakfast in the morning which is a key element to ensure a healthy body, so he is advised to drink a glass of milk instead. Lactose is present in the milk which provides the body with energy enough to fight through the day. Some people are lactose intolerant and cannot drink milk or anything that is named as dairy. Bad luck is a destiny for these people, pun intended, because they won’t be able to enjoy the blessing of nature that it has bestowed upon humans in order to maintain a healthy body and a healthy living standard.

Healthy fats:

Milk contains healthy fats that are essential for a human body to function properly. There are people in the world who say that obesity is the reason of hundreds of death in the world every year but these are the healthy fats that the body requires in order to function properly. Drinking one or two glasses everyday is not bad for health because these are not harmful fats that are going to harm the body but only healthy ones, but it is advised not to consume too much milk as it can disturb the metabolism due to its nutritional value.

Consequences of avoiding milk:

Not drinking milk can lead to several health hazards because milk provides all the significant vitamins and minerals to the body that it requires functioning perfectly. First of all, it can affect the growth of bones and teeth and can lead to diseases such as teeth decay. Moreover, it can weaken the immune system of humans and make human body more prone to attacks from the germs and disease that are in our surroundings. If children do not have their regular dose of milk then it can impair its growth and development process and can scar him forever with the diseases like weak bones and teeth. Additionally, his immune system will eventually grow weak and he will be prone to many diseases while his classmates and fellows will be playing in the playground healthily.


Consuming milk is very important on daily basis as aforementioned that it aids in the proper growth and development of human body. Children must be given milk at least twice a day so that the lactose can ensure that they are healthy, energetic and the vitamins make sure that their body functions properly. Milk is very important ladies and gentlemen, so don’t try to become a foolish quack and doom the health of your body for eternity.

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