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Chinese Food in Pakistan



People of Pakistan have an ability to accept the delicacies from all around the world and this has led them to hold the record of the most foods available in the country from all around the world. you can get the food of China, Japan, Thailand etc, almost all foods that don’t involve pork is available in the Pakistan. China is neighbour of Pakistan and a close ally which has helped Pakistan in almost every international crisis. Chinese food is totally loved in Pakistan and there are hundreds of Chinese restaurants ran by Chinese in Pakistan.

Cultural exchange programs are offered in Pakistan and china and many people from china go to the Pakistan to study and many people have even shifted in Pakistan to run a good business and also study with it. Today we see so many restaurants are available even in the capital where Chinese food is offered. People enjoy Chinese food because it is less in the spice quantity and offers a healthy and savoury taste to the mouths of people.

In this article we are going to discuss that what value is possessed by the Chinese foods within the hearts of people and how they love Chinese dishes and give them an important place in their daily routine in the social order. Here is the list of some foods that is loved among the people of Pakistan.



This is a dish that is most common in the chilly winter of December and January. People love occasional hot cups of soup that warm their bodies. Soups are adored by both children and adults in Pakistan because it is very light on the stomach and provides with good nutritional value. Mostly in Pakistan, when people are sick or suffering from some ailment and solid food is not suitable for their metabolism then they are given soups that are very light on metabolism and also fulfil the nutritional demands of the human body. These soups are also admired for their taste. These are the types of soup that are available in Pakistan and are offered by many Chinese restaurants;

  1. Fish soup
  2. Vegetable soup
  3. Hot and sour soup
  4. Noodle soup
  5. Chicken corn soup


Here comes a dish that is plain and offers a saltiest flavour to the taste buds of people. This dish is the most common dish eaten in the china but now the culture has been transferred to Pakistan. We can see many Pakistani restaurants offering these noodles. Children are in love with these noodles and for them industrialist companies like Knorr and Maggi have prepared noodles in a packet that only take 2 minutes to cook and are very loved among children. The types of noodles that Chinese restaurants offer are;

  1. Hakka Noodles
  2. Chicken Cheese Noodles
  3. Chicken Chowmein



Don’t go to a Chinese restaurant if they are not offering Manchurian because it is the most basic Chinese food that must be included in the list otherwise the particular restaurant is not authentic and might not offer the desired flavour. The desi version of Manchurian was that we love and see these days everywhere in Pakistan was actually invented by a Chinese in Calcutta who was trying to forge Chinese food as per the need of the people of India. Soon it gained fame and now we can see that how it is available in almost all the corners of India and Pakistan.

Fried rice:

When it comes to rice, Pakistanis’ mouths are already dripping with water because this is the only thing that is loved mostly in Pakistan. People love rice and that’s why Karachi has myriads of types of biryani to offer to its people from spicy to steaming hot. Fried rice is a delicacy from china but now possess a strong position among the menus of Pakistani restaurants. This dish is prepared by frying rice along some vegetables or chicken and is offered to the customers. People love these dishes and adore how they are served with rice that is less in spice and still offers a delicious flavour to the mouths of people.


If a person is looking for some good Chinese food and don’t want to waste his money then he must look for the aforementioned foods in the menu and must have a taste before ordering the whole meal because not everyone loves Chinese due to the less use of spice and it is mostly loved by people who adore simple and plain food. there are other foods available such as chowmein which is quite spicy if requested to the chef and can offer a great taste to the mouth buds if prepared properly. Chinese food is a great food that can provide great taste if consumed occasionally or with familes.

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