Vegetables-Make Healthy Bodies


Vegetables-Make Healthy Bodies Overview:

There are very few people in our society who are very careful about what they eat. Health is the best blessing that god has bestowed on humans but we are not thankful about it. God has provided humans with everything but the decision to utilize totally depends upon humans and one day they are going to payback for the type of decisions that they made in their lives. Healthy eating is very necessary for a person to maintain a healthy lifestyle because no matter what catastrophe comes in the life of humans, one thing is always going to stay with the human beings and that is his health. So in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle a person must consume healthy calories.

Most basic healthy food is eating vegetables. Meat and poultry is a healthy source of proteins but the nutrients and minerals that vegetables offer, nothing can offer healthier food components that are essential for the growth and development of human body.


There have been many evidences in the past that vegetables were an important part of our history. There were some tribes in the world that only consumed vegetables and never had any type of meat because for them it was killing the creation of god. Indians still don’t eat meat because they consider cow to be their god and Brahmans are mostly vegetarian because they only vegetables. Historically speaking, vegetables have been an important part of human lives in the history.

Who are vegetarians?

Vegetarians are the people who only consume vegetables as their food because they find living animals too sacred to kill and consume their meat. In the western nations many people who have a very humanistic approach and animal rights folks are usually vegetarians because they think that animals are also living on the earth like humans and have a soul and life so they shouldn’t be murdered for their meat. The people of India, the pure breed Brahmans are the people who don’t consume any type of meat, let it be chicken, beef, mutton or any sort of meat. It is in their religion that cow is their mother god and by eating the flesh of the mother god they will only be doomed forever. Indian parents make sure to train their children for this. So vegetarians are very common in the land of Hindustan. Many riots took place between Hindus and Muslims whenever eid comes and Muslims are banned to slaughter any animal for the will of their god.

Riots due to vegetables:

Vegetables are not only a healthy source of nutrients but also are a chief factor due to which many riots occurred in India. As we all know that most Indians are vegetarians and how they love their mother cow so much. Whenever Muslims tried to consume meat, they were always used to fight and riots on national level happened to destabilize the country. I think it is funny that vegetarians created so much fuss only because they couldn’t eat meat and had to eat all the vegetables.

Benefits of vegetables:

Vegetables are a healthy source of vitamins and nutrients that regulate the blood sugar level in the human body and decrease blood pressure problems. Vegetables also help fight cardiovascular diseases because no matter what happens, we got to keep our blood pumping device healthy, pun intended. There are nutrients present in our body such as magnesium, calcium and potassium that helps us regulate the blood sugar level in our body and decreases the risk of diabetes and makes human less prone to blood pressure problems as well.


These diets are healthy for human beings because it helps them maintain their bodies. When a person eats too much bad calories in his life and at the end when he falls ill and goes to the hospital then doctor advises him to cut his meat consummation and get back to eating salads. Why do we have to wait for the doctor to tell us that you are in deep trouble and if you didn’t do something about your body, you are going to regret it for the rest of your little remaining life? I think we should start taking care of our bodies from today and must include healthy vegetables in our everyday meals because if we didn’t then we are going to regret it the very day when our health will start to diminish and the visual of our open grave will haunt us in our dreams. Even Thor got fat in the avengers endgame and the only advice that his mother gave it to him when he was leaving was; ‘eat a salad honey’. Even Thor needs to eat a salad sometimes so include salad in your every day diet and don’t forget to benefit from all the nutrients that it has to offer.


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