Pakistani Foods-Recipes To Must Try

Pakistani Foods:


Pakistan is a culturally versatile country and people from different cultures and beliefs reside here. It was a country that was demanded for a separate Muslim identity within the sub continent but now people from all the religions and cultures are living here. Each person has its own culture and tradition to represent and every city has its own food to present to the world with a variety of flavours to offer. Pakistani food is known in the whole world for its spice and variety of flavours. Tourist loves our biryani and is mostly loved among tourists. In this article we will go through different foods of Pakistan that have been adored in the national and international community.


Karrahi is the most beloved food item in the food industry. Lahore is most famous for its karrahi flavours and both varieties are available in the karrahi that is meat and chicken. Peshawar is famous for its namkeen karrahi and holds a significant position in the hearts of food lovers. Lahore is mostly famous for its karrahi because of the spices that their chefs’ use and people from all over the world are falling in love with the flavours of karrahi. Karachi folks also have their identical taste of karrahi that is made with green chillies and a lot of lemon with the gravy of yogurt.

Peshawar is famous for its namkeen karrahi and in this identical flavour because fresh meat is cut and it is cooked in salt and black pepper with a lot of ginger and turmeric to give it a savoury taste to the mouths of people. Mostly, it is cooked in the organic fat of the lamb which adds additional flavour to the nostrils because it saves the meat from being cooked in the industrially made oils. It is all natural and its nutritional value is quite high as compared to the traditional chicken karrahi that is made with red chillies and vegetable oil.


Biryani is a food that is a treat in the whole subcontinent as it is also an iconic food in India as well. People adore biryani and is served as a treat on the several occasions throughput the year. Children and adults in Pakistan are very happy when biryani is been made in their kitchen. Pakistan has many flavours of biryani and is very adored among the Muslim and other communities. Tourists who had visited and those who are currently visiting Pakistan are more likely to love this food item and when they return to their country and are asked that what did you like most about Pakistan then the second thing that they tell is biryani because obviously first thing they say is that people are extremely friendly.

There is Sindhi biryani which is famous for the spice and Karachi is most famous for its biryani. There are several outlets like student biryani, Karachi Sindhi biryani, naseeb biryani, hajji biryani, and each one is different in its taste. Islamabad has only one type of rice to offer and that is savour foods but Karachi has a whole lot of biryani range to offer to the world, Then comes Blochi sajji with biryani, where biryani is served along the fully roasted chicken that is named as ‘sajji’ and with traditional Baluchistan styled sajji. People cannot neglect the position that biryani holds among the community.

Chicken Tikka:

Chicken Tikka is the most famous Pakistani cuisine that has its Mughal legacy and is most loved food item in the Pakistan. Usually the process includes that the marinated chicken is stuck on long iron rods and cooked on the coals and fanned until they are well smoked.

It adds a delicious flavour to the chicken and then is presented to the customer who loves them. In Pakistan there is a tradition of live barbeque where a barbeque stand is at the corner of the tables and people can see their barbeques being prepared which increases their appetite and a delicious aroma is spread in the environment which everybody adores.


In summation, Pakistan is full of foods that are internationally adored and we as a society are foodies who love a good meal in a good environment. That is the reason Peshawar’s namak mandi and Islamabad’s food streets are most famous in all over the world. On weekends these food streets are filled with people who have come with their families to enjoy a good meal. If a person is looking forward to experience Pakistani food then he must try the aforementioned foods from the places that are mentioned above. These places offer a high quality service and food is great with the traditional Peshawari naan along the chutney. Everyone enjoys a good meal so if you are a person who loves to experience exotic food then Pakistan is the place that you should visit in order to experience the cuisine that has the legacy from the famous Mughal Empire.

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